If you wish to compete in the U of S rodeo, or any other Canadian Intercollegiate Rodeo, you will require a CIRA membership. The information below is directly from the CIRA website, cirarodeo.ca. The membership form can also be found on our website under the Members Section. Please note if you only wish to be involved in the team but not compete a CIRA membership is not required. 

Memberships are $180 for the season. 

Membership Requirements 

To be considered for a full membership in the CIRA, a student must be attending a college or university in Canda. The student must be in good standing and maintain a 2.0 grade point average (GPA) PER SEMESTER. Changing schools or programs will be treated as being a "new" student and prior GPA's would be referenced. All students must attempt three (3) credit or the equivalent per year to be eligible to compete at rodeos.
Apprenticeship Students are limited to a four-year apprenticeship allowance. Years are treated the same as semester by semester.  Blue books can be replaced with apprenticeships cards for CIRA membership approval. A copy of your bluebook/ apprenticeship card/ acceptance letter must be provided with membership documents to be eligible to compete.

2019-2020 Season

To obtain a successful membership with the CIRA you must:
1) Complete the entire CIRA membership for and have it received by the office TWO(2) days prior to rodeo entry date.
2) Payment must be sent with memberships- Cheque or Money Order
3) Proof of Enrollment for new students or  Official Transcripts for returning students must be included in membership documents.  *1st day of class must take place 1 day prior to that seasons rodeo finals (March 26, 2020)  in order to be eligible to compete this season
4)At the beginning of second semester, all students who have attended school for the fall semester must submit a new transcript with updated grades. Students who are studying on practicum or apprenticeships are not required to submit any documents.